Where it all started

 In Virginia in 1840 where Jackson Thomas Born a slave was sold to South Carolina eventually ending up in Keatchie, LA   

Ella Hunter Thomas

Known as "Big Mama"
Born: December 25, 1872
Died: June 25, 1958
Children: Ferris Davis, Lucille Davis, Levecee Davis, Mollie H Kelly, Jack Kelly
Ed Kelly, Austin Mitchell, Edward Mitchell, Carrie Perkins, and Hymes Perkins

Charly Williams

Known as "Papa Charile"
Born: May 18, 1903
Died: November 3, 1976 
Married: Carrie Viola Perkins
Children: Getrude McCann, Charile D. Williams, Vera Brown, Clifford Williams, Agnes Orsby, Thelma McDaniel, Ruth Ransom, Vivian Walton, Lee Ardis Williams, Charles Williams, Orla Lee, Baby Girl (still born)

Carrie Viola Perkins Williams

Known as "Mama Carrie"
Born: September 10, 1907
Died: December 10, 1984
Married Charly Williams
Children: Getrude, Charile Williams, Vera Brown, Agnes Orsby, Thelma McDaniel, Ruth Ransom, Margaret Stevenson, Dollie Bowman, Tom Bowman, Joe Bowman, James Bowman, Robert Bowman, and two childern who died at birth

Tom Bowman

Born: August 22, 1911
Died: January 22, 1967
Children: Margaret Steveson, Dollie Bowman, Tom Bowman Jr, Joe Bowman, James Bowman, Robert Bowman, Bobbi Riley, and Gloria Boykin


Greturde McCan

Born: October 9, 1923
Died: July 18, 2007
Children: Debra Brock

Charley Dan Williams

Born: May 3, 1925
Died: July 13, 2008
Known as "Danny"               
Children: Sherri , Larry Williams (Akbar Muhammad), Alfred Earl (Deceased),  Henry Jackson, Darric Williams, Shanee Williams (Deceased)

Vera Brown

Born: October 18, 1926
Died: March 9, 2007
Children:  Aubrey "Butch" Brown (Deceased), Melvin Brown (Deceased), Betty Fredrick, Linda Pompey, Zackary R. Williams, and Stephanie Williams

Clifford Williams

Born: April 10, 1928
Died: June 27, 1982
Wife: Frinzetta Williams
Children: James E. McMillen (Deceased), Clifford Jr (Deceased), Ruby Jean Kenny, Mitchell Williams, Michael Williams, jimmy Williams, Ronnie Williams, Patrica Smith, Alyce Johnson Woods 

Agnes Orsby

Born: August 27, 1932
Children: Raymond Thorn, Lawanda Davis, Dannette Williams, Ruthie Dewitt, Doris Thorn, Tim Thorn , LeRoy Thorn

Thelma McDaniel

Born: July 7, 1934 
Died November 9, 2017
Children: Jackie Hall, Maryiln Parker, Rickey Hall, Demetruie  Hall (Andre)

Ruth Ransom

Born: August 20, 1936               
Children: Bille Sue Mason, Anita Thrower, Terri Isedeh, Jeff Mason, William Mason, Carol Mason, Gwenodlyn Mason

Margaret Steveson

Born: June 7, 1938
Husband: Henry Steveson (Deceased)
Children: Lisa Owens, Kevin Steveson, Micheal Steveson, Willie Moore

Vivan Walton

Born: December 1, 1937
Children: Frank Walton

Dollie Bowman

Born: May 23, 1940                              
Children: Terrance Bowman (Terry), Reginald Bowman, Adrenna Bowmann (Tese), Antoinette Bowman (Toni) (Deceased)

Lee Williams

Born: October 18, 1939               
Wife: Ruth Williams
Children: Tammy Williams, Brandon Williams, Morgan Ervin                             

Tom Bowman Jr

Born: August 11
Known as "Sonny"               
Wife: Lois Bowman
Children: Vicky Bowman, Pamela Bowman, Valerie Bowman, Kevin Bowman, Terri Bowman, Toya Bowman

Joe Bowman

Born: January 3, 1945               
Wife: Edith Bowman 
Children: Yolanda Bowman, Debra Bowman. Tomeka Bowman, Joseph Bowman

James Bowman

Born: January 2, 1947
Died: August 25, 2015
Wife: Annette Bowman
Children: Cedric Bowman, Anthony Bowman, Jamie Bowman, Henry Winn, Dujunce Winn Harl (Niecy)

Robert Bowman

Born: September 25, 1949                
Died: April 22, 2006
Wife: Jennie Bowman
Children: Sebastion Bowman, Robert Bowman Jr, DJ Bowman, Rj Bowman, Jennifer Bowman

Charles Williams

Born: September 17, 1942               
Died: March 5, 2013
Children: None

Bobbi Riley

Born:  September 1, 1952

Gloria Boykins

Born: August 7, 1955
Children: Chad Bowman