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Terence Bowman

Its with sad news that we informed the TPWB Family of the passing of  Terence Bowman the son our dear Dollie Bowman.  He will be missed tremendously. He was a loving Person everyone around him.  To the family you have the love, support and prayers of all members of  the TPWB Family

Marriage Announcement

Nataile Thrower 
Daugther of Anita Thrower 
Grand-daughter of  Ruth Ransom

Recently married Mr. Evan Daniels                             

Congratulation Mr. and Mrs. Daniels from the TPWB Family 

Congratulations to Massio Love

Massio Messiah King Love

Graduated from Sheldon High School in Sacramento, Ca 

In the fall he will be attending Sierra College 
he will be playing football.

College Major: Kinesiology

He is the son of Shane Love
Grandson of Bille Sue Mason
Great Grandson of Ruth Ransom

High School Graduation

Kindyl Marie Tisby
daughter of Shani
Grand-Daughter of Marilyn Parker 
Great Grand-Daughter of the late Thelma McDaniels. 

graduates from Cosumnes High School 
Wednesday May 23, 2018 

All gifts and cards can be sent to 
Kindyl c/o  S. Lee 
P.O. Box 396 
Long Beach, CA 90801

Prayer Warriors needed

Jenny Bowman wife to the late Robert Earl Bowman was recently hospitalized. we are asking for all the love and support along with prayers for her kids and many grandchildern at this moment in time. 


click the link below to read more: 

Click me

Jonathan Joel Jenkins

Son of Yolonda Bowman
Grandson of Joe Lee Bowman and Edith Bowman

Graduates from Southwood High School 
Wednesday, May 9, 2018 
Shreveport Convention Center

High School Graduation

Aysia Janae Brown
Daughter of Adrian Brown and Rhonda Brown 
Grand-daughter of the late Melvin Brown 
Great-grand daughter of the late Vera Brown 

Graduates from Southwood High School
Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Shreveport Convention Center

High School Graduation

Tiffani White
Daugther of Teri Bowman White
Grand-Daugther of Tom (Sonny) and Lois Bowman

Graduates from Skyline High School
Monday, June 4, 2018
John E. Kincaide Staduim at the Jesse Owens Memorial Complex
9191 South Polk Street
Dallas, TX 

High School Graduation 

Javion Deshon Welch Bowman
Son of Jamie and Kendrick Marshall
Grand-Son of James and Annette Bowman

Graduates from Captain Shreve High School 
Friday, May 11, 2018
7:30 pm
Shreveport Convention Center

Elementary Graduation

Hannah Marie Ross
Daugther of Veronique Welch
Grand-Daugther of Linda Pompey
Great Grand-Daugther of Vera Brown

Graduates from Green Valley Elementary School in Houston, TX from 5th Grade to Middle School

Kindergarten Graduation 

Ma'Kenzi Boyd 
Daugther of Gabrielle Boyd and Nathan Boyd
Grand-Daugther of Cedric Bowman
Great Grand-Daugther of James and Annette Bowman

Graduates from North Desoto Lower Elmentary from Kindergarten to First Grade

May 19, 2018

New Addition 

Nate Garth and family welcome his daugther Maliya Carmen recently.

Asking for Prayers

****Attention family**** just a few mins ago  today March 17th 2018 Family Member Rodrick Brown (son of Melvin Brown and Vera Brown Grandson) was rushed to ER due to a Heart Attack. We are asking for all prayer warriors to lift his name and keep him in your thoughts at this moment in time. More info to come as test is being ran at the hospital as to why this happen.

*****Attention family ***** yesterday we had 2 family members to pass away. Melba Father Johnny Johnson and Mildred Fuller Papa Charlie neice at 98 years young. Please keep their family and loves one in your prayers or reach out to anyone if you know them.

Hey Family!! 

Shane Love son Massio will be playing  football in The All World Football Game Held in  Texas this Weekend. Please pray for him and his teammates safe travels and that his team emerges victoriously.

Blk History Month Highlight Moment: 
We would like to recognize our fellow TPWB Blk business owners. 
Let support our Family!!

Zackary Williams of Zwilliamsstudio

Tim Crestwell of CIS Techs

TJ Williams of TJ's Heating and AC Services

Shannon Armstrong of Sapphire Luxury Travel

Tim Thorn of Paisley 360

Shane Love of Blood Sweat Fitness

Debra Bowman of Textures by Deb

Adrian Brown of Talent and Skills Barbershop

Celebrity Stylist Tim Thorn of Paisley 360

Recently shared a moment with the Iconic Cher at a NYE Fashion Show

Welcome Newborn

Karmen Bowman  is a new mother to a handsome baby boy Samuel Elijah born on Christmas Eve

The Family of Thelma Williams Hall-McDaniel would like to extend eternal gratitude to all who called, emailed, sent a text, came in person, or sent a prayer in support of us. 
We sincerely thank you. 
Keep her family lifted up in prayer.
Love to all.....Thelma Williams Hall-McDainel's children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchild

Homegoing Service for Thelma Hall- McDaniel

Friday, November 24, 2017
4:00pm - 7:00pm
Morgan Jones Funeral Home
4200 Broadway
Sacramento, CA 95817

Funeral Services
Saturday, November 25, 2017
Christ Temple MBC
3030 26th  Avenue

Immediately following funeral service
Odd Fellows Lawn Cemetery
2720 Riverside Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95818

Immediately following Interment
St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church- Social Hall
3996 14th Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95820

Mom (Themla Hall-McDaniel) will be wearing purple and silver
Silbings will ride in the limo, which will leave from Aunt Margaret House at 10:15am.

In Loving Memory

Its with sad news that we informed the TPWB Family of the passing of our Dear Thelma McDaniel.  She will be missed tremendously. She was a loving Sister, Mother, Grand-Mother and Aunt to everyone around her. 

To the childern  you have the love, support and prayers of all members of  the TPWB Family

Good morning, (please forward this email to those children or grandchildren that are not listed) 

Granny’s Dementia/Cancer has progressed to the point that her… Doctor is placing her into hospice care. This request, is a direct result of mom being admitted to the hospital, but she will be released today. Here’s a brief history of mom’s condition, in 2016 mom was diagnosed with Dementia and since this August… breast cancer too. Mom has lost 20+ pounds, since August and the Dementia has progressed to the point that mom has no desire to eat or drink fluids. However, on occasions she will nibble (on a little bit of food) and/or sip (on a little bit of water/juice/coffee/smoothie or etc.). The Breast Cancer is in her right breast/lymphoid and the surgeon wanted to remove it, but mom’s children opted out of surgery (because of her age and condition). 

We (the children) accepted an alternative approach called-- Hormone Therapy medicine. Some started to questioned the medicine and mom’s lack of appetite, so at the family’s request the doctors reduced mom’s medicine to see if it was causing the lack of appetite, but it wasn’t the medicine. The doctors found that the Dementia (was moving fasting than expected) and mom’s inability to swallow correctly was at fault. We just found the inability to swallow correctly, after the Speech Therapist performed a swallow test on mom. Right now, mom is being made comfortable and I would advise everyone that can and want to… to see her. Hospice will be set up in mom house, so contact uncle Demetrus (he email is listed above or call him). 

If this is new news to you or just additional news, I’m sorry if we haven’t kept you all in the loop, but charge that to time not our hearts. 

Love auntie Jackie

Kelvin Coleman Jr.

Son of Pamela Bowman Coleman Graduated from Basic Training on Ocatober 19, 2017 in Georgia. Congratulations from the TPWB Family!!

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